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DIY Seashell Christmas Tree

No one likes a dried-out Christmas tree. Hence the need for one that’s perfectly beachy all year-round. Dive right into our holiday seashell DIY by gathering your supplies and setting aside and afternoon to get creative.

Some basics you’ll need:

  • Varying sizes of paper mache cones
  • Flat pectin seashells
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Begin by arranging your shells in order of size – largest to smallest. This will help tremendously when gluing down the shells and fitting them nicely next to one another

Start heating up that glue gun! Starting with the largest row of shells, squeeze a dollop to the top back section and securely fasten to the cone. Repeat this step all around the bottom layer of your cone.

After you complete your first layer, you’re ready to start on the next layer. Secure the next round of shells by slightly overlapping the below row of shells to cover the paper mache. See the picture example of how we overlapped the shells.

Work your way all the way to the top using the same method, and just like that you’ve got your tree!

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