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If there’s one thing Lex Weinstein does like no other, it’s rally community. Her newest brainchild and passion project is called Sea and Soil, an immersive volunteer experience that welcomes willing participants in for a day of volunteering at a local farm, and ends with rinsing off in the sea in a group surf. Good food, vibes, and conversation are also included, and it’s hard to walk away from a Sea and Soil gathering feeling anything less than absolutely warm-hearted.


During Lex’s time with us on the North Shore in December, she connected us with local power-house non-profits such as Changing Tides Foundation and Community Compost Movement, who are based at the impressive Waihuena Farms (just across the street from Pipeline, but we bet you didn’t know that!). It only made sense that we do a special Sea and Soil event with Lex and the Billabong Women’s team given that we were all in one place at one time, with so many amazing educational resources accessible to us.


What ensued was a day of rolled up sleeves, shoveling soil, and enjoying the literal fruits of our labor. We brought the compost we had accumulated from our team house, added it to the piles for further decomposition, and took turns sifting further biodegraded compost into soil. From there, we got a full tour of Waihuena Farms, where we saw bountiful produce blooming from the composted soil. It was a truly eye-opening and beautiful experience to see firsthand how seemingly meaningless food scraps from home can indeed be used to further cultivate goodness in a community. Then, of course, we all rinsed off in the sea, holding close the feeling that a little bit of effort at home can indeed go a long way in the ground.