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Surf Session in Hawaii with Aelan & Jade

We caught up with the girls, who told us more about their experience on the island, shared some of their favorites and took us through a typical day in beautiful Hawaii.

Read more about Aelan's days in Hawaii in her Q&A below...

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive in Hawaii? 

Usually, I go to Hawaii with my 2 brothers Kauli and Naiki. When we get off the plane in the morning we go directly to the North Shore. We have breakfast, then we go check the surf spots and quickly we get in the water to surf.

What was the surf like?

When we arrived the waves were small but really fun. We saw some friends from Hawaii with whom we surfed almost every day. In the following weeks, the waves were more consistent. We were able to surf several spots, it was great to surf different spots on the same day.

Could you share a few of your favorites? 

I like to surf Pipeline and Sunset when there are not too many people, I always have good sensations. Out of the water, I like to ride a bike around the North Shore, hang out with friends, go eat at Banzai Bowl or Pupukea grill (the best place to eat for me)!

If you aren’t surfing where can we find you?

When there were no waves I stayed home to finish my homework. Otherwise, I’m snorkelling (at Shark’s Cove, Waimea Bay, or in the surf spot when it’s small). You also can find me in Honolulu and Waikiki, hanging around with my brothers (Kauli and Naiki).

Get to know more about Jade and read her Q&A below...

How was your experience surfing in Hawaii?  

My experience in Hawaii was super good. I met a lot of people there and it was very beneficial for me because when you come back home, you want to surf better and better as in Hawaii the surf is next level!

Where did you surf?

I surfed in a lot of different spots. When we arrived, it was small so I went surfing at Pipe Backdoor or Rocky Point. Then the swell arrived and we went surfing to Haleiwa and V-land. 

What did you love the most about the place?

I think what I loved the most about Hawaii was the big landscape with all the beautiful flowers and mountains. We did amazing hikes and I just loved their mentality of surfing. They live for surfing. Or if the waves are not so good, they go and do another sport. 

What was a typical day for you on the island?

My typical day was waking up at 6.30 - 7 am to go surfing. Then I had breakfast, followed by more surfing and some lunch at Pupukea grill. A little nap, sunset surf and a nice dinner to finish the day!

Thank you to our lovely girls for showing us around!

Photos by Brent Bielmann (@brentbielmann)